About Diva Girl
About Us
The DivaGirl Tribe is a group of women spanning Toronto, Philadelphia, Montreal, Belize, Kathmandu, Accra, Cusco, Jaipur and Manila who know with certainty that there is more to be experienced in this lifetime than what is seen on the surface.

DivaGirl helps women succeed in business and life by empowering and building confidence in women.  We provide a fun, safe, positive environment and platform, for women to connect and support others.  Through our workshops, conferences, parties and volunteer trips abroad, women from all over the world have met new friends, new business partners, clients, mentors and customers.

We are composed of women from different backgrounds, experiences, ages, fields of work, and statuses with one goal – to support other women.  We are not here to compete with one another but to help each other so we can rise together. We host interactive meet-up gatherings, brunches, dinners, holiday events, conferences, online workshops and fashion shows.

Our 5 Core Values of Women Empowerment Are:
1. Diversity and Inclusivity
2. Altruism
3. Having Fun
4. Education
5. Supportive Environment

You can check out our past events photos here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/divagirlinc/albums
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The Owner

Majet Reyes, is a holistic community and trauma therapist, licensed professional counselor with a Master of Science degree from Jefferson University. A former paramedic, she now owns Resilient Mind Works in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, where she works with first responders, creatives, millennials and couples who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  Majet helps her patients process their pasts so that they can live in the present and plan a fulfilling future. She is also the owner of DivaGirl Tribe, which is a lifestyle community that educates and empowers women by hosting conferences, volunteer abroad programs, and workshops. Majet is an international volunteer, having done medical missions in the Philippines twice, helped rebuild in Puerto Rico in 2018, and since 2016 has been working with women and children in Nepal, Ghana, Peru and India.


The Founder

Laura Furtado has successfully built a millionaire net worth by being an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and is currently bi-coastal between Toronto & Vancouver. She is a serial entrepreneurial, being Founder of DivaGirl, Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, SuccessBABE and Divas Abroad. Laura, a successful international Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Presenter and Mentor, is the Founder of DivaGirl, a lifestyle community that educates and empowers women. With over 30 years of experience in the dance and fitness realms, she has made a presence across North America and Europe, including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and Portugal. Laura has been titled Canada’s Top Young Entrepreneur of 2010, one of Canada’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs of 2009, Nominee for the Arts Entrepreneur of the Year, Nominee for the Emerging Performing Artists of the Year, Nominee for Best Personal Brand,Titika, Lole and Lululemon Ambassador. Laura is also the Founder/Owner of Sexy & Wealthy in Heels a women’s community that educates, inspires and features female entrepreneurs who are smart, sexy and successful; the brand is licensed in various cities across North America.  Through her programming, she mentors many start-up businesses, most particularly female entrepreneurs worldwide.