Bloom Inside Out

June 14, 2021
We live day by day and whether we admit it or not, sometimes we bamboo-play. Standing still yet swaying where the wind blows. All of us can’t help but get used to a routine. A routine that can make us robot and forget about the insides of us. Yet to live out thriving, we need to be connected to the real us. A health check is viable and crucial to our holistic well-being.
Aren’t we one of the luckiest communities? As DivaGirl is an interactive community built to support hardworking women and does not leave them unrecognized, we make sure that everyone glows and grows out of confinement. Meet one of our Business Affiliate Members, Ava Adames, MS. Ava is the founder of an energy-based wellness boutique. Of course, Violets In Bloom will not come to life without her expertise. She is an Exercise Physiologist (NBHWC board certified health and wellness coach), Melody Master Crystalogist, and a Reiki Energy Facilitator.


Before the sun goes up and you head on out to face the world, know that a glowing sphere of energy can make a great turn up. Tracing back in time, energy healing is already used for centuries through the energy transmission as a traditional cure. And believe it or not, energy healing is based on scientific principles. A person feeling good vibrates on a higher frequency. Hmmm. Nope, we are not sliding through the whole physics thing. Haha. Yet we want to  open up minds that energy healing is a modality that should be included in practicing medicine.
Violets in Bloom is an energy boutique that offers unique self-development products and gifts like crystals, candles, aromatherapy items and more! In addition, Violets In Bloom offers energetic holistic services like Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Yoga Workshops and Sister Circles! Anyone can embrace this alternative way of healing.
One of the soothing ways practiced in energy healing is through crystals. They are said to create a shift for a blissful zone or aura. Crystals can have an effect on a human's vibration which is considered subtle energy that lies throughout our aura! Human molecules vibrate at different rates — and those rates can speed up or slow down if conditions around the molecules change. Things like temperature, even your mood and actions can alter the speed of a molecule’s vibration. Just one anxious thought, for example, can produce stress hormones, increase your heart rate, and alter your vibrational frequency. Crystals can be used to clear, charge or build your energy on a day you’re just feeling a bit “off.” They can help manage stress, create relaxation, spark motivation, and even increase  stamina— every crystal has a color that has a unique energy enhancing property to affect your mood. Below are some of the crystal color characteristics:

  • Red – Security/Vitality
  • Orange – Happiness/Creativity
  • Yellow – Courage/Confidence
  • Green – Gratitude/Compassion
  • Blue – Peace/Calm
  • Indigo – Insight/Purpose
  • Violet – Enlightenment/Higher Consciousness

Violet In Blooms sure is a home for your energy healing needs. Ava can work directly with and/or advise a person on how to meditate, balance their energy and place crystals throughout their home for an increased vibrational effect! Feel free to dive into Ava's Violet world. And it may sound cliché to even underline this, your insides are your outsides. What you have inside is what you give out. Vibrational energy temples out and attract limitless possibilities when you are already blooming inside. So always have an open mind in ways that you can only benefit from, step into the wonders of life  and bloom inside out!


What is DivaGirl to you?

A DivaGirl is a woman who is all about self fulfillment and authentic self expression! What I mean by this is that a DivaGirl will always embrace herself fully; all of her many strengths as well as her shortcomings so that she is fully capable of expressing herself completely. A Divagirl also values community and sisterhood.  A Divagirl will always work at supporting and lifting other women up!

What do you like most about being a DivaGirl Business Affiliate Member (BAM)?

I like the quality and value being a BAM brings!  As a BAM we are given many opportunities to network and learn from other BAM's to improve upon our business and people skills as we uniquely understand business successes and struggles! I like that as a BAM I am able to introduce the DivaGirl community to my services and offerings several times a month in a variety of ways from spotlighted talks, product offerings and event sponsorships.