DivaGirl Philly Conference Keynote Speaker: Cheldin Bartlatt Rumer

June 17, 2020

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is a regional influencer and lifestyle-marketing executive widely recognized for her dynamic, larger-than-life personality. A graduate of LaSalle University, Rumer has spent over a decade creating, managing and successfully executing marketing campaigns for clients within the dining, entertainment and hospitality industries; notably, she was influential in the launch of Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Resort and has been recognized as a “Philadelphia Insider” by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation (GPTMC).

Read Cheldin’s answers to our questions below:

DivaGirl:  What is your definition of Women Empowerment?

Cheldin:  Women Empowerment is personal confidence paired with a positive community. In order for women to be empowered they must believe in the powers that they possess as well as the on-going contributions they can make within the communities they serve.  Once a woman is confident about their own gifts they can then begin to give back to, educate, develop and strengthen their communities. There is nothing more powerful than a community of confident women.

DivaGirl: What is a DivaGirl for you?

Cheldin: A DivaGirl is authentic, honest and passionate. She works tirelessly to reach her goals and accomplish her dreams. She digs deep each day to find the confidence she needs to stay focused, positive and committed to her personal and professional journey.  She sees the importance of power in numbers and embraces her community while cherishing her positive relationships.

DivaGirl: What is your proudest accomplishment and why?

Cheldin: Personally, I am proudest of my ability to fully understand and know my truth and stay dedicated to my path. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 24 (now 39) and the road has not always been easy but through it all I have been true to my mission. There have been countless opportunities for me to be distracted, for me to quit or simply give up. I am proud of my determination. When others told me to “find a real job” or make what they called “the right decision” – I stayed strong – I stayed focused – I followed my dream. Now 15 (plus) years later I am able to aid others – like me – in doing the same.

Whether women are “stay-at-home” moms or corporate executives; I help them to “Scream Their Dream”. No longer will they “whisper your wishes” or bury their chins in their chest.

By strengthening their confidence and building their communities they find their voice. A voice that will help them in telling their story while promoting their features and benefits – personally or professionally.

My ability to help others provides me with such a sense of joy and accomplishment. Nothing is better than working with someone to help them in reaching their goals. I use the skills and tactics that I have aided me throughout my career in order to help others. I have been in their shoes. I have felt their loss. I have experienced their failures and have celebrated their successes. My journey has prepared me to help others and there is really nothing better than that.

DivaGirl: How do you define success?

Cheldin: Success for me an equation: Aspiration + Action = Abundance! Once you determine what you want and then go after that very specific thing – the result is always fruitful – even if it is simply a life lesson.

Countless times I have been able to take a simple idea and turn it into something. Something people want. Something people need. Something people care about. Creating something meaningful and valuable. That to me is success.

Cheldin is the CEO/Executive Producer of i-g creative/ This is it TV / Scream Your Dream and we are very excited to have her as our keynote speaker for the 2017 DivaGirl Philly Conference.

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