Featured DivaGirl for August Janis Melillo

June 17, 2020

Meet our Featured DivaGirl for August Janis Melillo! Janis is a Transformation/Wellness Coach working with women on their transformation path of wellness through fitness and nutrition. Along with fitness and nutrition, Janis loves to write and a book she just co-authored recently hit the International Best Seller List in the U.S., UK and Australia.

“It’s not what you thought you could do, it’s what you thought you could not do!”

How do you define a leader?

A leader is someone who leads from the heart; someone who is defined not by their status but how their status may influence and be of assistance and helpful to others.  A leader is not afraid to share and direct their “followers” and does so in a respectful manner which only results to bring the possibilities out in others who are open to receive.

If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
Italy – my paternal grandparents are from Italy and I have relatives I have never met there.  I would love to meet them all and listen to all of their family stories.  I can see from pictures how beautiful Italy is but to be there and experience where my grandparents lived and were raised would be such an amazing opportunity to reconnect to my grandparents’ legacy – a way to honor their legacies.

What do you do to get fit, have fun and feel sexy?

I love to be very active so I do a lot of cardio along with weight training.  Cardio may include power walking, jumping jacks, one of my many exercise DVDs.  I also love spinning and kickboxing.  I also enjoy weight training which makes me feel strong and sexy!   I love to have fun and probably one of my favorite things to do is to go out dancing!  I love doing something – it’s hard to keep this Diva down!

What are (3) staple outfits you have in your closet?

Black print dress; black pants (summer and winter) and black heels. Next – a black bikini!

What is your definition of a Divagirl? How does being a DivaGirl make you feel empowered?
The definition of a DivaGirl is a confident, assured woman who not only strives to be the best at what she does but more importantly to bring that confidence out in other women as well.  She is confident and takes care of herself.  She may be shy by nature, but her mission and message to the world are stronger than her fear and that right there is a DivaGirl!

What are your three major accomplishments and why?

My “why’s” are many but my goal is that my message resonates with someone who may need to hear my story in a way where they take action in their own lives – to know that there is hope and to fully embrace life.  Some of my recent major accomplishments:

  • International Best Selling Co-Author. Currently I have (4) co-authored books – (3) of which hit the International Best Sellers List and (1) that hit Amazon’s #1 Hottest New Releases.
  • I also have another co-authored book coming out on July 28th and another co-authored book coming out in early August, 2017.  I am also working on my own book and have several other co-authored books in the works.
  • Furthering my education on my quest of wellness through fitness and nutrition. (I am a certified health coach and earned my certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I am in the process of studying to become a Christian Life Coach.  I am also pursuing my nutrition further by taking an on-line nutrition course with the amazing celebrity nutritionist, Keri Glassman called The Nutrition School.
  • Setting up my on-line ministry – currently in the works.

Aside from your family and close friends, who are your other outside influencers and how have they changed you?

Joshua Rosenthal, Founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition – IIN is where I studied to become a health coach.  The creator of bio-individuality meaning that one’s health is not only determined by what we eat but our outside influences including physical, emotional, environment, spiritual, etc.

Teresa Hawley-Howard, International Best Selling Author, owner of WOM Enterprises (Women on a Mission) – wow, what can I say about Teresa!  This woman is a powerhouse – with everything she has been through in her life and all that she does for others!  She is so giving and caring!  She has inspired me in so many ways to write and tell the world my story.  I am proud to have collaborated with her on my (4) co-authored books.  I have several more co-authored books that I am working with Teresa on.  My co-authored books with Teresa and other amazing co-authors include:  WOM:  Sisterhood of Stories, The Beauty of Color Poetry and Prose Collection, Women Empowered, and I Am Beautiful.  Being released on or around July 28th, Women on a Mission – Leaving our Legacy.  And quite a few more!

Vickie Gould, International Best Seller Author, owner of VickieGould.com.   Vickie is also a powerhouse!  Another inspiring woman!  I am currently taking a Law of Attraction course with Vickie – she really is amazing, inspiring and pushes me to look beyond what I think I am capable of.  I am also working with Vickie and about 30 or so other co-authors on a book due out in early August entitled Courageous World Catalysts.

Favorite Quote/Motto that you live by?

It’s not what you thought you could do, it’s what you thought you could not do!

If you can be a superhero, which one would you be and why?
Superwoman – Some of the younger Divas may not remember Superwoman but this superhero has it going on!  She does it all and looks great doing it!

What has been challenging for you as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome it?
Time management – I don’t think I have overcome that one yet!  I’ve instituted different and more effective habits to keep me on track.  For instance, I have a lot of publishing deadlines.  I fill out a “Publishing” sheet with each book, article, or request to provide info for a blog.  This really assists by keeping myself on track.  I typically write my reminders in pencil but now I do it in pen.  Writing in pen is a visual aid that keeps me in tune and on top of my priorities.

What is the ONE word that best describes you?


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