Featured DivaGirl for December Hetal Desai

June 16, 2020

Winter is here and we have a shining star. Meet our Featured DivaGirl for December! Hetal Desai is a certified Image Consultant who strives to create a positive and powerful impact in women’s life through the “Art and Science of Dressing.” She is all about empowering women by helping them look good and feel their absolute best for their everyday life. In addition, she strives to make women’s life beautifully sorted when it comes to their clothes/image by resolving their one ofthewake-up-in-the-morning problems… “what to wear” and “how to look polished in no time.” As a wardrobe consultant and personal stylist, Hetal guides women how to be more expressive and confident through their dressing , help them discover their authentic personal style, curate their wardrobe to fit it perfectly to their lifestyle, body, personality, roles and their upcoming goals In life.  She strongly believes that the clothes we wear should be our medium for self-expression, individuality and creativity!

What you think, you become, What you feel, you attract

What you imagine, you create ~Buddha

What are the thee qualities of a good leader/mentor?

Integrity, Great Communication skills and an Inspiring Attitude

What activities make you feel useful, alive and strong?

Painting, reading and exploring the beautiful nature when I travel

What is your typical morning routine to start your day and get motivated?

Quick 10 mins Yoga and Stretching

Write down positive affirmations and my goals for the day

Making a good and healthy breakfast to start my day

What are your (3) staple outfits in your closet

As per my current winter wardrobe these are my 3 staple pieces:

High waist medium-wash denims, Black Ankle booties and a Black polo neck bodysuit

What is your definition of a DivaGirl? How does being a DivaGirl make you feel empowered and inspired?

A DivaGirl for me is a woman who is empowered, fun and supportive by being her most fabulous self. Being a Divagirl has given me a positive space to grow my business and make authentic connections. It’s a beautiful community of women (divas) who value each other, support their business, educate and empower each other and also have fun through workshops and events!! I believe this to be truly inspiring for me as I get to share my passion with women who understands my journey and in return, I also get learn so much from their lives!!

What is the ONE major accomplishment you are most proud of and why?

When I had the opportunity to volunteer in Cusco, Peru as part of the Divas Abroad program. This volunteer trip became a lifetime experience for me and gave me broader perspective towards life. They were brave and incredible women who have been a victim of physical and sexual violence at such a young age and still they are living their lives bravely as single mom and still have so much love and care to offer us is truly inspiring. Being with them, sharing and connecting with them, learning from their journeys made me realize that there are far bigger things in this world that need our attention, love and support. Would always be grateful to have shared a part of my life with them…the feeling it brings to make them smile is incredible and would stay with me forever!

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to other business owners/want to start a business?

Something that works for me is to be aware of the ‘WHY’ of my business, to truly own my story of why I started my business at first place…. This helps me to stay focused to my passion and have clarity on what I should do for my business and what I really should not invest in.

If you can have dinner with someone from past, present, or future who would it be and why?

With Marie Forleo, she has been a great source of inspiration for me and a great deal when it comes to owning a business authentically. I would love to have an opportunity to sit with her and have dinner so that I can be empowered by her energy and aura…have a conversation on being a business owner, ask questions related to my life where I feel I am stuck and seek her opinion based on her own life experiences.

What is the last book you read?

The 4 Agreements: A Practical Guide to Eersonal Freedom – Don Miguel Ruiz

What has been challenging for you as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome it?

Moving to a new area for me was the most challenging and finding ways to make my business more visible. Attending networking events, being out there more, supporting other business owners with a positive and authentic attitude is how I am growing my business because I believe in the power of being surrounded by positive and empowering women.

What do you want to be known for?

Being an individual who strives to bring a positive shift in women’s life through the art of styling and dressing.

What are the (3) things you love about yourself/make you unique?

My inner courage that pushed me to take that step out of my comfort zone. Although I was completely scared, I was able to do better things in my life that were necessary at that point. Blessed to have creative skills- arts, crafts, home decor DIY, dressing etc. which, I love about myself. My story and journey of moving to the United States from India just 3 years ago, leaving all my family, friends and life there, starting over with a new life here and making the decision to become a business owner in spite of being completely new to this country and getting accustomed to the different way of life.  All of which allowed me to fulfill my passion of helping women by doing something that I love to do.

What is your favorite all time movie?

Hollywood movie is ‘Devil Wears Prada’ which I love to watch always

Since I also love Indian Bollywood movies too, ‘Queen’ is my favorite all time fun movie to watch

Kudos to this shining star…..for her courage of stepping out of her comfort zone and into your closet with her creative genius to transform your image and wardrobe!

Check her out on Instagram: @stylebyhetal or www.hetaldesai.com

Joy Lagrimas

DivaGirl Fitness Philly FranchiseeatDivaGirl

Joy Lagrimas is the franchise lead of DivaGirl Fitness Philly. She holds a BA degree offering 16+ years of marketing, sales and recruiting experience in the broadcast and pharmaceutical industry. Joy is also a fitness professional in South Jersey and PA specialized in Cardio Kickboxing, Piloxing, STRONG by Zumba, Body Sculpt and Barre. She encourages all her students to embrace their strength and beauty by pushing them beyond their comfort zone.