Self-Care Encounter with Beauty Counter

July 12, 2021
Girl, I want you to play your jam and dance to it! Turn it up and feel the rhythm. Come on, dance it out! Does it feel good? I hope you are jumping around somewhere safe, okay? Haha. Don’t deny yourself some groove pumping action. It is all part of the beat, a beat that synchronizes the whole you.
It is very easy to get caught up with our daily routine. But I hope you are not forgetting that beat of self love. Because the amazing things won’t come easy if you are not fully getting into the zone. Push through with your goals but do not leave behind a part of you.
“I am okay” touches a lot of aspects of our lives. It can be mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. Awareness comes with the knowledge that we need to act upon it. So, with that being said let me just remind you to take good care of yourself, Diva! And since you are part of the DivaGirl Community, you are always in for a great treat. As a community that glides through the essence of life and success, we have each other to fill in some holes that we have. And today, I’d like to put on the crown to one of our Business Affiliate Members, Stephanie Bork. Stephanie is an advocate of clean beauty products. She is part of a BeautyCounter movement where they open the eyes of people towards unparalleled safety standards of safety and beauty. Currently, there is little regulation to govern the personal care industry and the last legislation was passed in 1938. They are currently working to pass more federal legislation, including the Personal Care Safety Act of 2019. We cannot wait to hear more good news from their advocacies.
As skin is the largest part of our body and according to Stephanie, we should be taking care of it and showing it love. She wants to encourage people to not forget how good it can feel to take a few minutes to clean your face and have your skin feel glowing. Like get excited at the end of the day where you can decompress and make a little part of me feel fresh. And if you wish to have access to clean but quality beauty products, BeautyCounter has got you covered. Beauty should not be causing you some health debris. It should be comforting and not interfere with your inner radiance. It will create a dam for a youthful you if your products do not compromise your health. As beauty isn’t just what the naked eyes can see, it is as deep as any ocean there is. Get into the habit of walking with self love, take care of yourself. Stand in front of your mirror and see the whole you, beautiful and radiant! Yes! No doubt, honey! YOU ARE!

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