Astrology + Psychology = DESTINY

May 12, 2021
Before you go cray-cray about the word destiny, I don’t want to get your hopes up. Grain of salt, okay? This is not a matchmaking event for people in search of partners. Lol. What I mean is a magical feeling of awareness and guidance.
Sometimes, we are not aware of the seeds that came with us the moment we were born. Then it’ll be piled up with things we experienced. So, hear us out! Put things back down and let us dig up on the treasures you have within you and clear out the haze caused by your past. Let’s hit two birds with one stone. All for a clear vision of your future.

As DivaGirl Tribe offers a community spirit to let you discover and uplift the value of your passion, we recently came up with a program that will help you understand the significant events in your life and your astrological birth chart. Your deeper self-awareness will be your portal towards your destiny. But first, you need to “Find Your Zone of Destiny”. Now that you’ve read that. I can hear you all asking like HOW? Answer is REGISTER for the program. We want you to have faith, in the fact, that you have a gold within you and that you can work on your rhythms to turn your experiences into head starters. In case you need a little push, I got you. Don’t worry!

A little glimpse on the window! Find Your Zone of Destiny is a three-week program of enlightenment where Astrology meets Psychology. Let the empowering leaders and owners of DivaGirl, Majet and Tiffaney, give you access to tools and techniques so you can shine with confidence through self-acceptance and commitment. Below are the winning streak of benefits you will reap when you join the program:
  • The Finding Your Zone of Destiny program is designed to do just that, help you to discover Your Zone of Destiny
  • We will be using your astrological birth data to provide readings that help you gain insight into the gifts you came into this lifetime to use.
  • We will help you to process your past so you can live in the present and plan a fulfilling future!

Let me help you see the need to join the program. Go through the questions listed.
  • Do you feel like there is something more you should be doing with your life?
  • Do you work extra hard to find happiness these days?
  • Are you in constant search for tools to help you get past issues from the past?
  • Are you looking for a better career choice but unsure of what “better” is for you?

And if that is you, you are more than welcome to click the link below and gift yourself an ember.
An ember that will fire up the warmth and passion within you.

Together, let’s find and discover your zone of destiny.