Beautycounter's Mission For Healthier & Cleaner Beauty Products

April 11, 2021

At Beautycounter, one of the pillars we are founded on is safer formulation. We go through great lengths to test every ingredient for human health, screen ingredients for harmful chemicals and ban chemicals known to be harmful. We formulate for safety but also performance. We are utterly transparent with all ingredients and constantly working towards learning more.

At Beautycounter we work to advocate for safer personal care product legislation. Currently, the US only bans about 30 ingredients, compared to 1400 in the EU and 600 in Canada. The FDA also has little regulation when it comes to products we use on ourselves every day. At Beautycounter, we are working to change this by passing more health protective legislation.


Stephanie Elizabeth owns a Beautycounter business educating and advocating for safer personal care products. She first learned more about harmful ingredients in everyday products when trying to conceive her son. She now helps people swap to safer products and build successful business doing the same.

Also a nurse practitioner, Stephanie is passionate about health and wellness. Learning about discrepancies in the personal care industry led her to help people find safer, cleaner products. She also loves mentoring women to build successful businesses of their own.

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