DIVAGIRL - Skipping The Usual Hellos

February 1, 2021

Whether we deny it or not, we are in need of a community that nourishes our goals and supports us in ways we cannot find anywhere else. If you haven’t heard about DivaGirl, I think you are missing half of your life. Of course, this should echo to all the women who need their spirit to be fired up.

DivaGirl is a lifestyle community which gives access to a well of confidence and endless cheers. With interactive seminars, workshops, events, conferenced, and other activities, the group of women creates a pool of positive attraction and manifestations for someone who is scared to step into great wonders.

Our community is led by two amazing women, Majet Reyes and Tiffaney Whipple. We would like to introduce them in a fun way. Let us skip the usual hellos and jump into a playful scale. Here are the three questions that can sprinkle out a bit of their personality.

What is DivaGirl to you?

Majet: DivaGirl to me is a woman who is confident. She knows what she wants. She fights for what is right and she does the right thing. A DivaGirl is someone who is strong and brave and not afraid to ask for what she needs. (This is still something I am still practicing - Everyday is progress).
Tiffaney: DivaGirl is a great opportunity to meet & collaborate with other successful women. I came by DivaGirl several years ago when I applied to be a speaker at one of the conferences. From there, I became a member because I liked everything that DivaGirl Stood for; community, wellness, empowerment and more. I also liked that it was such a diverse group of women. I felt at home and had a strong sense of belonging. Now that I have come on board to co-own DivaGirl, I am excited about being behind the scenes to assist women in promoting their businesses. We are a community of like-minded women. The energy is positive and that is priceless to me.

If you are to choose a color that would best represent you, what color will it be and why?

Majet: YELLOW! Yellow is bright and brings happiness. It is a color of optimism and good vibes. For 2021, my chakra card (Shoutout to Tara's Chakra card deck), my card is yellow - Solar Plexus which is standing in my power. It resonates with me and even though I do not have a lot of yellow clothes, I gravitate towards it and want more yellow in my life.
Tiffaney: I would pick Indigo, the color of the Third-eye chakra. I have devoted 2021 to my spiritual quest and transformation. I am devoted to being in tune with my intuition and seeking guidance from higher consciousness.

What is the biggest risk  you've ever taken? Did it pay off?

Majet: I have taken a lot of risks and most of them turn out to be worth it, and a few were mistakes. You learned from your mistakes and those were experiences that made me who I am and help me make decisions now. I guess starting a business, investing in a person to help you with your goals, investing in anything is a risk and the outcome of it can be viewed as devastating, great, or a lesson learned. So, I would like to say that the risks I've taken paid off whether the outcomes were good are bad - it helped me grow as a person, as a business owner, a mother, a leader, and in so many other ways.
Tiffaney: There have been a lot of big risks I have taken in my life. However, the most recent one was to leave my full-time position as a school administrator and start my own business. I now dance to the beat of my own drum; which by the way, I absolutely love! I started my own substitute service agency where I train, coach, and develop aspiring teachers to be great classroom leaders while also providing jobs for them. Things got off to a good start; however, the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt. Since then, I have started an online tutoring company and most recently decided to follow my passion of astrology to start giving astrological readings. All of this I could never do on my own and I give credit to my spirit guides for helping to guide me in the right directions.

These are just snippets of how our two leaders breathe in positivity and wonderfully breathe out a spectrum of accomplishments.

A leader should scream out passion and confidence. And I bet you'll feel empowered when surrounded by Majet and Tiffaney. Allow yourself to grow with people who do not see you as a competitor. Hold hands with people who will lift you up and collaborate with you. The group of people that will cheer you up until the day when you can reap the fruits of your labor. Learn and be equipped with tools you need in order for you to act upon your wandering thoughts.

Be a DivaGirl!