Eye-Catching Visuals As Your Marketing Weapon

February 27, 2021

What personality does your brand convey? Hmmmm. Isn’t that an interesting question? Well, I think there is no better way to hear about brand strategy from no other than our own BAM member, Robyn Graham. Robyn is a known brand strategist and photographer. As a Thrive Global contributor, a podcast host, and a speaker, she seeks out passionate ways on how to share the value of brand marketing strategy. She definitely has a great stirring power to mix creativity and strategy gracefully. I bet her 3-consecutive-year recognition on Buck Happening as a photographer can add spice to that.

Robyn can surely state numerous reasons as to why branding is important but had these statements captured in a bubble: “Branding is important for many reasons. The first is that you cannot market your business without a brand. Your brand is the gut feeling others have of you and your business.  It is how others perceive you and how you communicate with the world to build relationships to build the known love and trust factor. “

Building a brand strategy is indeed an essential for long-term success. As we live in a visual, fast paced society, it is easier to succumb to the fact that visual content elevates your brand strategy. Eye-catching visuals will grab attention faster and keep people interested in your content longer. As we stream through the channel of businesses, you would want your clients to get to know you and trust you. Therefore, initiating an authentic encounter with your images can be a great move.

Below are some tips to harness your skills in creating eye-catching visuals for your brand:

·   Have a Professional, Well-lit Visuals – Your images will demonstrate how it’s like to work with you.

·   Show Your Face as often as Possible – Create emotional connection with the use of your eyes and smiles.

·   Consistent and Cohesive – Make sure to maintain consistency and cohesiveness with your visual, written content, and brand assets (logo, color palette, and typography) across all platforms.

·   Use Color as Accents – If you can’t wear your brand color, let your mugs, pens, journals, computer covers, plant pots, and other accessories do the talking.

Branding strategy makes you recognizable, memorable, and ultimately shareable. Once you are locked in with your audience attention, a cheering wave will come passing through your walls. Your audience will trust and share your content. Be consistent  and all will come in circular motion but batches of referrals will make your walls thicker. Creating a community that screams your brand with warmth and gratitude.

DivaGirl BAM Member shoutout:

        “DivaGirl is an organization that supports women, their dreams and goals, and provides opportunities for growth, mentorship and relationships. I like being able to spend time with and build relationships with like-minded women who strive to serve others while achieving high levels of success.”