Featured DivaGirl for September Amanda Gazzola

June 16, 2020

Amanda Gazzola is known as the energizer bunny and our Featured DivaGirl for September!  She is a serial entrepreneur who loves to help people transform their lives physically, mentally and financially. By increasing efficiency, you will get more done at work, at home and transform your health.  Learn how to prioritize, how to create the perfect day and how to create your personal rules to living a successful life.

‘Life is happening for you, not to you’

Who is your Style Icon that you look to for wardrobe inspiration and why?

For me I dress how I feel. One Style Icon that I love is Kristen Cavallari, because she has more of the the boho style. She wears cute dresses, jeans, white shirts, hats and jewellery!! What I also love, is that she likes to dress up and has a business look and sleek outlook. Simple and elegant with a bit of sass!

What are your favorite hobbies/interests?

Hiking, waterskiing, podcasting, Yoga, Weightlifting, Playing Guitar, Dancing, watching Netflix and hanging with my husband and pets!

If you could have dinner with someone from the past, present, or future who would it be and why?

Tony Robbins! I would love to be in his presence and listen to everything he has to say. He has so many stories, both good and bad (learning), that I believe one sit down, in real life with him, would be a day I will never forget and always remember. Tony saved my life at a point where I did not want to be on this earth anymore. That is why life is happening for you and not to you is my favorite quote/statement.

What is the last book you read?

The Way of the Wolf- Jordan Belfort

What are the (3) things you love about yourself/make you unique?

It’s taken me a bit to get here, where I can really say something and not feel weird about this question.I care and love to listen to people, so that they feel scene and heard. I love my energy. I can bring a lot of fun to a group and not even pretend to be something I am not.I am adaptable. I can either be clean and dress to the nines, or I can get down and dirty to get jobs done while having fun doing it.

Who have been your strongest influences in life?

Lori Kennedy (Wellness Business Academy)

Share your biggest epiphany: the moment of life-defining change that shaped you into the person you are today.

I went to a Wellness Business Summit event in Feb 2016. It was an event held for Health Practitioners, Nutrition and Fitness Coaches, and Naturopaths, who are all business professionals trying to figure out entrepreneurship. That was the first time I realized that I was not alone, and that other people felt the same way as I did. I felt like I belonged. I was scene, heard, and in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. That moment is when my life changed.

What is your typical morning routine to start your day and get motivated?

I wake up a 5 – 5:30 am

Have a warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar and Himalayan sea salt

I read 10-15 pages of a personal development book

I do yoga for 30 minutes

I then start my day and figure out 3 things that are going to help my business grow in the right direction that I will focus on for that day.

What are three qualities of a good leader?

Communication, integrity and action

What is your definition of a DivaGirl?

DivaGirl to me means empowering each other. It means asking how someone is doing and seeing how we can help each other out. It means to not feel alone. It means to feel energized, and to trust that we are all on the same journey to have joy, ease, flow, fun, to feel fulfilled, and to know that we are making a difference.

How does being a DivaGirl make you feel empowered and inspired?

It feels good to know that I am not alone. That we are all driving this bus together. To know that if I need help. All I have to do is ask.

Favorite Quote/Motto that you live by?

‘Life is happening for you, not to you’ – Tony Robbins
‘Fear is boring’ – Elizabeth Gilbert

What/Why did You become an Entrepreneur?

I honestly felt like I have never belonged to any job that I have had. Which is why it has taken me a bit to see that I was an Entrepreneur.  I never understood why each job I had, (22 jobs to be exact), that I was never content, did not want to be there, and felt like it wasn’t me. I felt suffocated and felt like I was being molded to be who I was not. Growing up I only knew that I wanted to help people and until hired a personal trainer to start working on myself. That is when I found fitness and started to see how I can help people. I started to see my purpose.

What has been challenging for you as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome it?

The most challenging thing as an entrepreneur is getting out of your own way. Challenging fear and learning how to speak your truth. I am still overcoming it. I do not think it ever goes away, and I have to work on it every single day. I read tons of books, I work with my business coach, and listen to many podcasts. I also teach my clients this and how to work through their roadblocks. Doing this keeps me accountable and helps me see that you can do anything you put your mind too.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to other business owners?

To put structure and routine into place so that you can take care of yourself. I believe that if you do not do that, things will never feel like enough, and that takes a toll on you, which leads to burn out and not in turn shows up in your work. Have a plan when it comes to Monday to Friday, and then on the weekend if you still want to work, treat that schedule differently. Schedule your morning routine as “me time”, so that it gets you into a good mental state, in order to tackle the day, and put the right intention out there. Also schedule a night routine, so that you know what you are up against the next day.

Describe a scene of your vision for the future.

I envision myself hosting retreats around the world, smiling, sharing stories and helping women not to feel alone.

I envision myself working with corporate leaders who have a hard time understanding their schedule. I want to teach them how to blueprint their lives with work, family, me time, and things they want to work on. Seeing their faces light up because they are trusting in themselves and the process because its working and they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel finally.

I envision myself collaborating with a team of leaders to show strategies on how to do this that self-care is not just about pedicures and manicures. It’s about simplicity, structure and routine.

I envision myself working with local charities to raise money and empower women who are trying to get back out to the workforce how to be able to manage.

I envision myself having a little family and living in the country with 2-3 Shih Ttzus and having a vacation place overseas somewhere hot!

WOW Amanda!! You are such an inspiration to all  and an amazing leader. Our community is grateful to have you and honored that you are our Featured DivaGirl for September!

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