From Empty Nest to Unstoppable Zest

June 3, 2021

Being a parent is not a walk in the park. You take on a lot of roles and try to be the best multi-tasker a home could ever have. You get to be a teacher, chef, driver, ultimate babysitter, doctor, entertainer (wink), and a bunch of others. You get tired sometimes but it is the best kind of sigh at the end of the day. You still end up having that smile because your little rays of sunshine give you the power to glow.

As a mom, you need to juggle a lot of personalities and expertise to get the right kind of tickle for each of your kids. You seem to have like 10 hands.  And boy you did an amazing job being the mother. The noise and busyness of the house amplifies the love within a home. It radiates energy and bounces onto the corners of your home. Then came the day wherein the noise seems to fade and silence echoes through your soul. The kids leave and the house feels empty. As we see the color blue through this emptiness, we can’t help but see gold too. It is a sense of accomplishment to free your kid and let them pursue their own dreams and aspirations in life. You’re hell of a Rockstar! Sip a glass of wine. You deserve that!

But hey, the real question here is WHAT NOW? There are a lot of ways to deal with this stage in life and I know the empty space could drag you to be sappy but please don’t let yourself be drowned. Dip your toes then skedaddle to the endless possibilities you can now dive in.

We cannot deny that this can be a hard phase but with the right kind of community and coach by your side, you should be dancing like there is no tomorrow. We are fortunate enough that one of our Business Affiliate Members can make your empty nest your best chapter. Diva Girl Tribe is a community blossomed out of the golden hearts and passionate souls of women. We support each other and put members on a pedestal to feel love and appreciated. We may be fighters and always ready to fire but sometimes we need to have a core group that lets our weakness melt and twist it into a faith of new wonders. Now, it’s time for y’all to meet Jodi Silverman.

Jodi is an author, certified life coach, speaker and mom-motivator. She built a community of amazing women, The Moms Who Dare, that support empowerment and guides moms to embrace change towards personal and professional fulfillment. She’d like to sprinkle some sparkling zest by giving you these 5 amazing steps on how to thrive in an empty nest:

1. Feel the feels, It’s ok to be sad and miss what was.

2. Decide: Make a Decision that you are ready to figure out what’s next and then

3. Reimagine YOU: make a list of all the things you used to love doing and the things you have always wanted to do

4. DARE it Forward: This is the leaving your comfort zone part. Take small daring action steps toward one of the items on your list from #3

5. Find a Community: Join a community, Like The Moms Who Dare, to find new friendships and connections as well as a group of like-minded moms all willing to step out and dare along with you.

Come on now, I bet you have a passionate ember that needs to be reignited. Don’t ever dare to spray water on it. Let’s turn that Empty Nest Syndrome to unstoppable zest. Let Jodi help you fire up that flame and let it blaze in the most magical way.

What is DivaGirl to you?

A community of women all supporting one another on a personal growth journey.

A place to make new friends, learn new things and have some fun.

What do you like most about being a

DivaGirl Business Affiliate Member (BAM)?

I love supporting and being supported by a group of such outgoing,

smart and adventurous  women. To be able to share my struggles

and my successes with this community, knowing that what I share could make a difference

for just one member of the community is beyond rewarding.