In The Nest W/Jodi: Positive Sandwich Interview w/Majet

September 12, 2020

A Moment In The Nest. Some of the best conversations happen after the recording.

This is one of those times.Yesterday I dropped an episode with guest, Majet Reyes.(click this link to watch:

We talked about something very important. We talked about how being vulnerable enough to ask for help is not a sign of weakness, rather it is a sign of strength and power💪After the recording was turned off, Majet and I stuck around to talk more about this subject. During this off camera chat, I asked for a tip for having a difficult conversation that I would be having soon.

She shared  The Positive Sandwich Approach with me and I knew we needed to share this with everyone. 🎬

So we hit record and here it is, our moment in the nest.Share this with those you care about.  

Reach out to either myself or Majet and we will help you build your Sandwich Conversation! 🌟🌟🌟🔆

Majet, helps people find fulfillment through counseling, coaching, and community.

🔆She owns Resilient Mind Works in Northern Liberties that helps people struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

🔆She is also the owner of DivaGirl which empowers and educates women with FUN classes, parties, conferences, and volunteer trips abroad. And if that wasn't enough..

🔆Majet also coaches singles in dating, self-esteem boost, relationships, and matchmaking; and consults with organizations for first responders and healthcare professionals. She is a former paramedic, an adjunct professor at Jefferson University, an international volunteer and a mom.


Jodi is a Certified Life Coach supporting #moms in discovering how they are as women and moms as their kids leave the nest.  She is all about #empowering and #daring you to view #emptynest as an opportunity to grow and expand.  For more information about our show and the Moms Who Dare Membership for Empty Nest moms visit

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