Introducing Sherika Powell to the 6th Annual DivaGirl Conference!

June 17, 2020

We are looking forward in having Sherika Powell as the host for the 6th annual DivaGirl Conference in Toronto. Read up on this amazing women and find out why you should attend our conference this year.

1.Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sherika Powell and I am a motivational speaker, Rogers TV talk show host, and author of my new book “A Woman Unchained”(which is the memoir of my life as a survivor of child abuse). I am also a wife and mom to 2 sons and one stepson.2. How can a women feel beautiful and empowered?
Well first I think women can feel beautiful by being exactly who they are created to be themselves. It may sounds cliché but beauty and that self love work really does start from within. We are living in a society where a woman beauty seems to always be up for discussion and a hot topic. There is so much “noise in the world on how a woman should look and feel, that its up to us to define those terms for ourselves. I think as women we are all unique and beautiful and those terms are only for you to determine not society.

Women can feel empowered by discovering your purpose your path and your destiny. We all have a purpose and once you find it its quite an empowering space to be in. It’s like the light bulb has gone off and you are in the zone and everything begins to make sense your purpose has been revealed. That’s empowering! I encourage every woman I encounter to really do the self work and take that time to figure out you. I am speaking from experience, I don’t think I have uncovered all of my gifts and talents but I have a hunch I am on the right track!3. Tell us something unique about you.
Something unique about me..hmmm well  I can do “The Rock” eyebrow really well, and my son seems to have picked up the same trait!

4. Why are you looking forward in participating in the DivaGirl Conference?
Well this will be my first DivaGirl conference and I am honoured to be hosting it as well. So I am looking forward to having that experience as well as meeting some amazing women in the community. Its always a beautiful moment to share a space such as this with inspiring and accomplished women. Being in an environment such as this just gets me really excited and encourages me to keep going on my journey and to know that I am not alone, women are thriving!

5. Anything you want to share to our community?
One thing that I try to remind myself of frequently as I embark on this journey, when I feel like giving up and wondering if this is all worth it, is that YES it’s worth it! I matter, my existence matters, what I have to bring to the table matters, and the world need it. So for all my women in the Diva Girl community the same goes for you, you matter and what you are doing is needed, and do not let anyone knock you off your divine course, its yours for the taking.

You got this!  Follow Sherika online.