What an Empowered Woman means to me!

June 16, 2020

An empowered woman to me is a woman who is confident in her skin… flaws and all, embraces all the lessons and experiences of life that she endured yet uses her knowledge to give back and inspire others to pay it forward.

An empowered woman stands tall, uses her voice to speak up, pushes for what she believes in even if others don’t approve or want to listen.

An empowered woman is persistent, believes in her abilities, her strengths and refuses to settle for second best.

An empowered woman is not afraid to let go of things and people who disrupt her peace and her vibe. She keeps a small trusted few in her circle who embrace her wholeheartedly from day one and will keep her grounded.

An empowered woman will not tolerate being disrespected, being overlooked or disregarded.  She will address the issue head on and at times have to make difficult decisions.

An empowered woman always believes that she has a true purpose, gift and follows her calling. She is humble and grateful.

An empowered woman surrounds herself with other empowered women who have the same mindset and lift each other up through the good and bad times. They seek support, guidance and mentoring when needed.

An empowered woman is always learning either through continued education, books and seminars to perfect their craft, business and themselves.

An empowered woman is me, it’s YOU!! Took me years to get here but had to trust the process even through all the darkness before I saw the light.

*More of  “What an empowered woman means to me” from other contributing bloggers to come!!